What is MTN Backup?

With MTN Backup, never worry about losing your content again

Sync your data

All your contacts, calendar events and notes that you store in your mobile phone are often irreplaceable. You risk losing them because you don't always take the time or even think to back them up. MTN Backup saves a copy of your latest mobile content in a single secure location. In case you change your phone, lose it or have it stolen, you can easily recover all your precious data to your new phone.

Protect all your content

SIM / Handset

It is not always easy to keep track of all your mobile data because some content is saved on your SIM card, other content is directly saved on your phone's memory. That is why for most mobiles, MTN Backup takes care of both, your phone and SIM card data. MTN Backup can save your SIM content, no matter what is your phone. To find out if your phone also allows the sync of your phone memory and what content can be synced, check out this page.

Manage your personal data

Right after your first sync, you can also access and manage your personal content from your computer. The MTN Backup website makes it easy to add or modify contacts, manage duplicates and sync the changes with your mobile with just one click!

Service screenshot

Recover your content

Recover your data

when you have a new phone, MTN Backup lets you set up the service on your new mobile or via its website. You can then easily recover on your new phone the content you have previously synced. The restore function also allows you to get back your latest information, in case you have unintentionally deleted content on your phone. For additional information about MTN Backup feel free to contact the Support team.